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Business Credit Card Rates

Table data for Business Credit Card
 Rates Effective 12/27/2021
APR1 Cash Advance Fees Late Payment Fees Alert Me
Business Platinum 12.08% $3.00 or 3% whichever is greater, not to exceed $30.00 $35 Receive a notification when this rate changes
(12.08% on cash advances) Receive a notification when this rate changes
3.99% on purchases and balance transfers made during first 180 days; rate effective first 12 months card is open2 Receive a notification when this rate changes
  • 1APR = Annual Percentage Rate.
    Variable Rate Information for Platinum: Purchases and Cash Advances - APR may vary. The rate is determined by the preceding four-week average of the 26-week Treasury Bill rate, plus up to twelve percentage points.
    Grace Period: You have 25 days after the close of a billing cycle to repay your balance for purchases before a finance charge on purchases will be imposed.
    Method of Computing the Balance for Purchases: Average daily balance (including new purchases).
    Minimum Monthly Payment for all credit cards: 2%, minimum $10
  • 2The Introductory Annual Percentage Rate (APR) applies only to purchases and balance transfers made on new Visa Platinum accounts during the first 180 days. After the initial 180 days, our Standard APR applies for any purchases and or balance transfers. The Introductory APR will continue to apply to the qualified transactions until your credit card account has been opened for 12 months or the balance is paid. Any remaining balance will roll into the Standard APR.