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Cyber Readiness

LGE Community Credit Union Cyber Readiness Institute Champion Network

LGE Community Credit Union is proud to offer access to free, online training and resources from the Cyber Readiness Institute (CRI) to help make your small to medium-sized business or organization safer, more secure, and stronger against cyber threats. 

Protect Your Business With the Cyber Readiness Program

Cyber risk is on the rise. The Cyber Readiness Program can help you protect your data, your employees, your vendors, and your customers. This free, online program is designed to help small and medium-sized enterprises become more secure against today’s most common cyber vulnerabilities.

In single online session, or at your own pace, a designated Cyber Leader can access everything they need to educate their workforce and build a cyber ready organization. The Program is designed to be accessible to all levels and roles in your organization. With just a few hours of learning, you’ll be empowered to defend against the most common cyber threats and eligible to receive a Certificate of Cyber Readiness.

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Explore the Starter Kit

Not ready for the full Cyber Readiness Program? Get started quickly with just the basic actions you should know about cyber readiness. 

Learn about four key areas you can address right now that will dramatically protect your business from cyber breaches. Access promotional materials and resources to educate your workforce how to prevent and respond to security issues and discover practical ways to establish a culture of cyber readiness.

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Get Informed

Access a growing library of CRI research and resources.

Expand your knowledge with insights from global experts on current events and the evolving cybersecurity landscape. Learn about upcoming events and quickly find other helpful resources on key cyber issues.

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What's Your Cyber Readiness Score? 

Answer a few quick questions to find out how well your business is prepared for a cyber attack.

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